Decision on establishment of 
"Paritet" MNPP – the founding company of SKICHEL Group Decision on establishment of
"Paritet" MNPP – the founding
company of SKICHEL Group

SKICHEL Group is a group of companies manufacturing security systems intended for protection of military, nuclear, chemical, biological facilities, oil&gas and power infrastructure, communal facilities, transport infrastructure, hazardous sites, state assets and public areas.

The company was established in 1991 and has its own autonomous production facilities. The products we make are based on our own R&D results in the field of charging electronics.

We have a training center where security professionals from nuclear, oil&gas, state agencies and other security fields undergo advanced training. Our facility also features a multipurpose test ground used for testing new products, modeling customer conditions and finding solutions for their problems, as well as for training purposes.

Our products have won numerous awards, their performance has been proven by years-long use, and routinely passes quality certification. Our flagship product is a triboelectric perimeter protection detector that is reliably protecting critical infrastructure nationwide. We are also engaged in developing new products based on current demand of our key customers and incorporating main trends in the security field.

One of our renowned achievements is a well-developed technical support system. We are proud to have a large amount of guidance materials and standard design solutions accumulated over the years.

Our team consists of over 100 professionals and we strive to attract and retain the next generation of highly qualified specialists to ensure our legacy is continuously refreshed and our vast scientific and technical knowledge is continuously implemented.