Fractal-800, Stationary arch metal detector

Product No: 3316
Passive magnetometric arch vandal-proof metal detector for indoor use. Safe for pregnant women, children and domestic animals. Does not affect pacemakers, hearing aids, and has no interference with health monitors. Passage width – 800 mm. Minimalistic hi-tech design. Bright and large size alarm light. Free installation. 5-year warranty.
263 160 ₽ / set

The metal detector is been successfully used in facilities requiring high level of security – military production and penitentiary facilities, assets of the Ministry of Interior as well as in areas with high human traffic: schools, museums, stadiums and shopping malls.

The metal detector is a passive device and emits no waves. It is safe for pregnant women, children and domestic animals. It does not affect pacemakers, hearing aids, and has no interference with health monitors.

Operating principle: the metal detector detects distortion of Earth’s natural magnetic field caused by movement of a detectable item within the controlled space. Shielding an item to prevent detection is impossible.

Detects ferromagnetic materials:

  • Firearms and cold steel;
  • Cased explosives;
  • Cell phones;
  • Tools;
  • Small items like half a razorblade.

The metal detector has minimal rate of false alarms triggered by keys, coins, foil, watches, household items, implants or jewelry made of precious metals.

The device complies with the requirements of TR CU 020/2011 regulations and applicable SanPiN sanitary standards. Made in Russia.

Warranty – 5 years.

We offer free metal detector installation services on customer request.


Passage, mm

2000 х 800


Vandal-proof, extruded aluminum profile 

Support width, mm


Размеры светового сигнала "Тревога"

800 х 90 мм, видимая площадь 720 кв.см

Control panel


Qty of detection zones


Number of sensitivity levels

20 levels: max. level capable of detecting half a razorblade or a round of ammo

Throughput, person/min

Up to 60

Alarm signal

3 volume levels + mute

Integration with access control system

2 dry relay contacts: at the bottom and on the top of the frame 

Power connection

Top and bottom of the metal detector 


Black or graphite, custom RAL color possible 

Area required for installation, mm

300 х 1000

Operating temperature range

-10 to +50 °С

Ingress protection



- Package dimensions: 2330 х 330 х 180 mm;

- Weight: 31 kg.

Standard set contains:
- stationary metal detector - 1 pc.;
- power supply (adapter) (12V, 1A, 12W) - 1 pc.;
- tools and auxiliaries.