Productsfences — Taut Wire Security Fence (TWSF)

Field of Use:

TWSF is a security barrier with integrated alarm system. Basically TWSF consists of a set of taut wires stretched between the posts and connected to piezoelectric sensors of the security detector.


TWSF serves as a signal barrier, delivering an alarm in response to any perimeter penetration attempt. TPSF can be used:

  • as the second perimeter security barrier;
  • for protection of local zones inside the facility;
  • in

Operating Principle:

The system is completely passive and is based on registration of mechanical impacts on the fence caused by attempts to climb the fence or violate its integrity. 


  • Sensor fence post — 3 pcs;
  • Intermediate fence post — 80 pcs;
  • Terminal post — 2 pcs;
  • Post support — 4 pcs;
  • Taut wire D= 1.6 mm — 4300 m;
  • Taut wire holder — 34 p

Key Specifications:

  • Detection zone length – up to 250 m;
  • Fence height – 2.5 m;
  • Alarm equipment – GYURZA-050PE security detector.