Productsfences — Triboelectric Perimeter Security Fence, Welded Mesh (TPSF-WM12)

Field of Use:

The system is intended for perimeter protection. The security fence detects any unauthorized attempt to penetrate the perimeter.


The TPSF system combines physical barrier and the alarm system. The system activates the alarm in response to any intrusion attempt. TPSF can be used:

  • as the first or second security barrier;
  • for protection of local zones insid

Operating Principle:

The system is completely passive and is based on registration of mechanical impacts on the fence caused by attempts to climb the fence or violate its integrity. 


  • TPSF-WM12 (250m) - 1 set;
  • GYURZA-035PE security detector - 1 set;
  • RK 50-2-16 connection cable - 10 m;
  • Sensor cable (TPPep 10x2x0.5 triboelectric cable) - 550 m;
  • Metal hose D=10 mm – 10m;
  • Ha

Key Specifications:

  • Max. detection zone length - 250 m;
  • Fence height – 2.5 m;
  • Alarm equipment – GYURZA-035PE security detector.